2023 BMW iX2 Seen Doing Some Winter Testing

2023 BMW iX2

BMW Landโ”‚Issue #112

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Spy Photos

2023 BMW iX2 Seen Doing Some Winter Testing


This particular one is the BMW iX2, an impending all-electric vehicle that, behind its coupe-like exterior, is probably definitely going to be identical to the BMW iX1. Although it isn’t very attractive, it looks far better than its predecessor and is sportier and more fashionable than the iX1.

New Kidney Grille And Lights On An Updated BMW X5


Work on the new BMW X5 is still ongoing. LCI, or Life Cycle Impulse, stands for “refresh” for individuals who don’t have an unnecessary in-depth understanding of Bimmer terminology. The whole X5 range is currently receiving multiple revisions. The X5 hybrid and the new X5 M60i prototype have both been spotted testing in the past.

2025 BMW X3 M50i spotted with quad tailpipes


Recently, the midsize G45 X3 SUV from BMW was sighted in Germany. BMW engineers continue to test the popular SUV in preparation for its mid-decade introduction despite the Christmas season.


Drag Races

Watch how a 740HP G80 BMW M3 Competes in a Drag Race with Supercars.

You can watch the tuned M3 drag race against some outstanding, captivating opposition in this brand-new Automotive Mike film. Whether the M3 had all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive is unknown, but it didn’t really matter because every race had a rolling start. A rear-drive M3, especially one with 740 horsepower, would just shred its tires from a standing start. But that doesn’t really matter in a rolling race that starts at a speed of roughly 40 km/h.



BMW M4 vs Porsche 911 Turbo vs Audi RS3 vs Toyota GR Yaris


The BMW M4 had to compete in this test against a Porsche 911 Turbo, an Audi RS3, and a Toyota GR Yaris, all of which were undoubtedly far more costly than an M4. Although the four automobiles are all quite unique vehicles, they all share the same all-wheel drive enjoyment. Which of the four is the finest, then?

The all-electric car with a focus on sport is the BMW i4 M50.

With the i4 sedan, The Ultimate Driving Machine continues the heritage established by BMW with its gas-powered small coupes and sedans as it transitions to the future of all-electric cars. With over 530 instantaneous horsepower, the new BMW i4 M50 continues that sports sedan history with a powerful dosage.

E53 BMW X5 vs Porsche Cayenne vs Range Rover 

An E53 BMW X5, a first-generation Porsche Cayenne, and an L322-generation Range Rover were the three used, inexpensive, and beat-up luxury SUVs that Carwow’s Mat Watson, Alex Kersten, and Taylor examined in the past. The fact that all three were in such bad condition led Mat Watson to make the purchase.

Is the BMW X7 M60i LCI a Better Vehicle Than the X5?


Since its introduction, the BMW X7 has been one of the most undervalued Bimmers on the market, and it is now better than ever thanks to the LCI makeover. A new look, new technology, andโ€”if you choose the brand-new M60i variantโ€”a brand-new engine all arrived with that LCI makeover. The outstanding BMW X5 is also available in smaller, less expensive, quicker, sharper, and more efficient versions. Which should you purchase, then? Rory Reid and Alex Kersten test the BMW X7 M60i in this brand-new video from AutoTrader UK to find if larger is always better.



The new BMW X3 M will be electric.


According to a recent claim, the next generation of the high-performance BMW M SUV, the X3 M, will be all electric.

You Won’t Need to Wear Cologne Because Mansory’s BMW X7 Is So Minty


The BMW X7 will soon be a part of Mansory’s repertoire, adding even another crossover. The flagship high-rider from the Munich automaker will receive the customary exterior upgrades, as well as a particularly minty finish.

Childhood Was the Beginning of Jakub Berthoty’s Love for the E32 BMW 7 Series

Early in the 1990s, witnessing a BMW in Czechoslovakia as a young child was like seeing a spacecraft. However, after the Iron Curtain came down and more foreign vehicles began to come in, Berthoty saw his first E32 7 Series and fell in love at first sight.

Brunei Royalty has this Extremely RARE E38 ALPINA B12 For Sale.


The E38 generation of the 7 Series is regarded as the greatest by the majority of BMW aficionados. It is the all-time best-looking and-driving 7 Series. The majority of BMW supporters also appreciate ALPINA to the hilt. The result of combining the two is an automobile that is extremely desired.

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