️A facelifted 2023 BMW X5 has been sighted; it may be the M60i variant.

2023 BMW X5

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Spy Photos

A facelifted 2023 BMW X5 has been sighted; it may be the M60i variant.


The next large Bavarian SUV to receive the LCI treatment is the BMW X5. Now it’s the turn of the X7’s smaller brother. These recent spy images make it quite evident that the BMW X5 LCI is camouflaged heavily in public.

A Close-Up of the 2024 BMW i5’s Partially Exposed Grille


BMW wants to make sure the 5 Series won’t experience the middle child syndrome after giving the 3 Series a Life Cycle Impulse and upgrading the 7 Series this year.

A new BMW M3 CS has been seen; learn more about it here.


It’s possible that the newly observed BMW M3 is the M3 CS, which is more track-focused. For all the details, continue reading. A BMW M3 that has been disguised for testing has been sighted, and it appears to have a more aggressive design than the regular model. Is this the brand-new BMW M3 CS?


Drag Races

BMW M4 CSL Vs. Porsche 911 GT3 Touring 

In drag races, the three most crucial variables are weight, power, and traction. Naturally, a number of additional factors also affect how two vehicles perform in direct straight-line races, which is part of what makes drag racing so thrilling.

BMW M5 CS Drag Races, A BMW M 1000 RR 

Whether you are rooting for one team or another, car and motorbike drag races are a lot of fun. The most recent addition to this list—after several recent excellent examples—is a sibling rivalry between the BMW M5 CS and the M 1000 RR, the company’s first M-badged motorbike.



Comparison of the Porsche Cayman GT4 RS and BMW M4 CSL


Three initials that are sure to send the heart pounding in any ardent BMW supporter are CSL. Two of the brand’s performance icons—the E9 CSL “Batmobile” from the early 1970s and the 2004 E46 M3 CSL—made already incredible performance vehicles into some of the most exhilarating and sought-after cars the business has ever produced. The CSL badge has since returned.

Top Gear tests the BMW M4 CSL 128k super-coupe on the circuit.

Can this 542bhp Speed Week hero live up to those legendary letters because the CSL badge *matters*? Time to learn This BMW isn’t only the top of the line model. In the whole history of the firm, “CSL” has only been used three times. The CSL insignia is significant and only applied to extremely unique vehicles.

Doug DeMuro tests the E28 BMW M5 in this video.

The E28 M5 hails from a time in BMW history when everything was thoughtfully designed. Even the majority of the E28 M5’s peculiar features made logic, such the curiously offset exhaust that was positioned there due of the spare tire well. The M5’s heated seat controls, which you must reach with double-jointed elbows, are the sole true puzzler. However, the most of the cabin is rather sane.

Review of the BMW M4 Convertible by Auto Express

It might occasionally be better to remove the roof from a coupe and convert it to a convertible. A certain amount of drama, theater, and loudness may improve an automobile. However, some vehicles deteriorate worse as a result of convertible tops’ increased weight and lack of structural strength.



According to BMW, earnings increased to 3.2 billion euros in the third quarter.


The full-year margin target for BMW AG’s vehicle division was confirmed on Thursday, and the company also reported that the price of cars played a role in the third quarter’s greater profitability. The German luxury automobile manufacturer reported a 3.18 billion euro increase in quarterly after-tax profit.

575 Horsepower Supercharged BMW M3 E46 Is A Real Hoot

What would appear to be a fairly typical BMW M3 from the E46 period is actually a true sleeper with a lot of horsepower. This isn’t the normal sports coupe; instead, it has modest carbon fiber details, hood pins, and K Sport brakes with red calipers.

Rare BMW M535i Lightweight E12 Spent 31 Years in a Garage

When the first M-badged 5 Series went into production in 1980, it was the BMW M535i. Since the first M5 was introduced with the E28, there was no full-fat M version of the E12. Only 1,410 M535i vehicles in total—960 LHD and 450 RHD—were produced in Germany, making it a rare breed.

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