New Rendering of the 2023 BMW X6 M Facelift

2023 BMW X6 M

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Spy Photos

New Rendering of the 2023 BMW X6 M Facelift Is Bold-Looking

The well-liked X5 and X6 crossovers will receive a fresh makeover from BMW in the first half of 2023. The 2023 BMW X6 M will receive a design upgrade from the Bavarians in addition to the X5/X6 facelift that is anticipated. But, at least externally, don’t anticipate any significant changes. this most recent depiction by Kolesa.

With M versions, the BMW X5 and X6 facelift will debut in February 2023.

Because BMW opted to move the SUVs to their next-generation models instead of performing the customary mid-cycle upgrade, the preceding X5 and X6 had an extremely short lifespan.

Next-Generation BMW M5 Heard Making V8 Noise at The Green Hell

The new M5 from BMW isn’t anticipated to go into production until the second half of 2024, but prototypes of the fast sedan have been routinely seen at the Nürburgring.


Drag Races

800 horsepower BMW X3 M Dares To Drag Race A Tuned Nissan GT-R

Yet here we are with a BMW X3 M that wasn’t designed for drag racing. Not just any version of the modern high-performance SUV, mind you. It has been considerably updated to produce about 800 horsepower in addition to being the hotter Competition variant.

Set your bets on the BMW M4 CSL vs. M4 GTS drag races.

The M4 GTS is the BMW M4 CSL’s closest antecedent, despite the fact that it acts as a spiritual successor to the M3 CSL E46 and 3.0 CSL E9. When it was first introduced in 2016, the special edition made news for its ground-breaking water injection technology, which helped increase power to 500 hp.

Mercedes-AMG SL55 against Porsche 911 GTS versus BMW M850i versus Jaguar F-Type in a drag race

The ideal vehicle for top-down drag racing? As four opulent cabriolets compete today, we’ll learn the answer. The Mercedes-AMG SL55 is being driven today by Mat. The 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine under its big hood produces 476 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque.



Review of the NEW BMW X7 M60i: Is Bigger Always Better?

To find out if larger is always better, Rory and Alex put the new BMW X7 M60i through its paces on and off the road.

BMW E30 M3 v E46 M3 CSL v F87 M2 CS

Your passenger won’t get the appeal of the E30 BMW M3. The light gray cabin lacks any “wow” factor, and the in-line four engine initially offers only modest thrust while sounding uninteresting and little tappety.

The Most Extreme BMW of the Modern Era is the BMW M4 CSL.

Associated editor for Road & Track At our 2023 Performance Car of the Year test, Matt Farah went behind the wheel of the brand-new BMW M4 CSL. Here’s what happened.

With 500,000 miles on it, the BMW 7 Series E65 Diesel’s top speed is automatic.

YouTubers frequently capture footage of powerful sports cars speeding down the Autobahn, but not in this instance. It’s a large, hefty BMW 7 Series with an E65 diesel engine that meets 730d specifications.



Now, iOS and Android smartphones may share the BMW digital key.

In order to improve the use of the Digital Key by adding support for sharing between iPhone and Android devices, BMW collaborated closely with tech heavyweights Google and Apple. It could only be done using Apple iMessage prior to today.

Watch as the window tint on this BMW 5 Series E34 Touring fades after 28 years.

For some time now, expert detailer Chromatic Garage has been filming an extensive restoration of his very own BMW 5 Series.

Watch This Extremely Satisfying BMW Z8 Detail in the video below.

One of the top five most attractive BMWs ever is the Z8. It is Henrik Fisker’s stunning homage to vintage sports automobiles from the 1950s, particularly the enduring BMW 507. To preserve its value, the majority of Z8s are garage queens, kept shut away from light and moisture.

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