First Look: 2025 BMW X3 in a Futuristic Rendering

2025 BMW X3

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Spy Photos

First Look: 2025 BMW X3 in a Futuristic Rendering

The upcoming BMW X3 (due out in 2025) will be constructed using the CLAR architecture and will incorporate BMW’s latest technology. It will have a more mature design than the current version and will feature a curved dual-screen display. It will be available in gasoline, diesel, plug-in hybrid and electric versions.

A spy video shows a fleet of BMW prototypes being tested in Norway.

BMW was testing many different prototypes in Norway, including the X2 M35i, M5 Competition, M2 G87, M235i Gran Coupe, M3 in Isle of Man Green, and iX1. The iX1 will be getting an entry-level model, and the X2 M35i is expected to debut later in 2024.

Render: The BMW M3 Dakar Rally Vehicle May Rule the Sands

Last year Porsche unveiled the 911 Dakar, an iconic sportscar redesigned specifically to take on the toughest rally race in the world. A rendering artist has now imagined what a similar BMW M3 Rally Car based on the new G81 M3 Touring might look like. It would have a high-performance engine, suspension system designed for the tough terrain, and advanced instrumentation and controls. Unfortunately, this is just a fan digital project.


Drag Races

BMW M240i Competes Against VW Golf R And Cadillac CT4-V In A Drag Race

The BMW M240i xDrive was pitted against a Volkswagen Golf Mk8 and a Cadillac CT4-V in a drag race, where it emerged victorious. The BMW had the most horsepower, but was the heaviest car of the trio. It also won the subsequent rolling races from 32 mph and 50 mph. There are rumors of an M2 xDrive, but nothing has been decided yet.

Watch As The BMW M3 Touring Faces Off Against The Audi RS6 Avant In A Handicapped Drag Race

Two German wagons, the BMW M3 Touring and Audi RS6 Avant, are compared in a drag race. The Audi has more power and is heavier, but the BMW has better traction. The results of the race depend on which car has the better traction in the wet conditions.



Review of the 2023 BMW iX5 prototype’s first drive

BMW began experimenting with hydrogen technology in 2005 and has recently developed a hydrogen-electric prototype called the iX5. Although the technology has challenges, it is being tested to see if it can complement electric vehicles. The iX5 provides 401 horsepower and a driving range of 313 miles, and can be refueled with hydrogen in 3-4 minutes. BMW is loaning the iX5 to a handful of drivers to gain feedback.

BMW M3 xDrive Delivers Explosive Acceleration On Autobahn With 600 Horsepower

The BMW M3 is an extreme sports sedan that comes in both rear- and all-wheel drive configurations. The 600 horsepower, 3.0-liter inline-six engine is available in a CS edition with a single-pipe exhaust and a 155 mph top speed limit. The car is also fitted with a carbon fiber front splitter and trunk lid spoiler, giving it a fierce appearance.

BMW iX M60 vs Range Rover Sport vs Porsche Cayenne

The BMW iX M60 is a truly impressive all-electric SUV. It has nearly 610 horsepower and 811 lb-ft of torque, which makes it capable of matching gas-powered SUVs on the track. It also has a luxurious cabin with amazing natural light that makes it easy and comfortable to drive quickly. Overall, the BMW iX M60 is a compelling option for anyone looking for an electric SUV.

2023 twin test comparison of the Porsche Macan T and BMW M135i

Can a performance SUV compete with a hot hatchback with four wheels for enjoyment on the road? Porsche and BMW provide the information for us.



What Happens When You Purchase an Inexpensive E46 BMW M3?

Old, cheap German cars are always risky, but even riskier is buying an old, cheap high-performance German car. Something that lives a hard life, in which it sees the upper end of its rev range quite often, is more likely to have mechanical issues over time and have expensive fixes for such issues. So, as tempting as it might be sometimes, is it wise to buy a cheap old performance car, like the E46 M3? Thankfully, Alex Kersten exists to find out for us.

Watch as an M3 makeover is performed on this E91 BMW 335i Touring.

This brand-new BMW M3 Touring is a pioneer in its field. BMW’s M3 Touring has finally arrived after decades of fans pleading with the company for one. The issue is that the great majority of BMW enthusiasts are unable to purchase it due to its high price and exclusivity. This specific E91 335i was tuned to increase its speed and power above the regular 335i.

Five Rare BMW Treasures From The M Power Collection Will Be Sold at Auction

On May 20, RM Sotheby’s will hold an auction featuring some of BMW M’s most iconic vehicles at Villa Erba on Lake Como in Italy. The next five vehicles are among the most expensive models to be given the “world’s most powerful letter,” so be prepared to shell out a lot of money.

BMW 3.0 CSL New Images Show the Manufacturing Process

The new ultra-exclusive BMW 3.0 CSL is limited to just 50 units and uses the M4 CSL as the foundation. Following the world premiere last November, a new set of images shows how the coupe is built at an external location of the BMW Group Dingolfing plant in Moosthenning, Lower Bavaria.

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