The ALPINA B4 Gran Coupe

Alpina B4

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Spy Photos

BMW i3 Sedan Official Photos Show i7 And iX1 Prototypes

Today, BMW did more than just announce the i3 Sedan; it also gave a sneak peek at two other electric vehicles. The China-only i3 eDrive35L was included with the i7 and iX1 in a family portrait of electric cars in front of BMW’s four-cylinder building.

Spy Video Of The 2023 BMW XM Electrified SUV Testing In The Snow

A car this size doesn’t scream sportiness, but you can count on BMW to defy expectations and put the S in SUV. Obviously, we’re referring to the XM, which is the first dedicated M model in a long time. It’s a radical departure from the M1 and serves as the crown gem of the X portfolio, which is already rather extensive.

The 2023 BMW M2 Coupe will be a beauty, according to spy photos.

For the design of a M vehicle to operate, it requires a few essential ingredients. Apart from those few ingredients, BMW is free to experiment with whatever new flavors and spices it wants, as long as those few remain.


Drag Races

VIDEO: Audi RS5 vs BMW M3 xDrive vs Tesla Model 3

In terms of straight-line performance, Audi has always had one huge edge over BMW M3s: all-wheel drive.

BMW M5 drag races Audi RS6 for German performance supremacy

It’s an age-old debate: should you buy a BMW or an Audi? We’d argue that there is no universally accepted correct response, because some people will always choose a M vehicle from Bavaria, while others will choose an RS from Ingolstadt.



Harry Metcalfe Takes a Look at the BMW iX xDrive50

It’s always beneficial to gain a different viewpoint on new and unique concepts. We are prone to getting caught up in petty disputes over minor minutiae like exact range statistics and 0-60 mph timings.

The BMW X3 xDrive20d is a standout performer in every way.

The BMW X3 is also surprisingly practical, with one of our rear-seat guests remarking on how comfy it was, as well as how much legroom there was in the back.

VIDEO: Joe Achilles Takes Delivery of a BMW M3 xDrive

Joe Achilles recently made an odd vehicular decision, giving in his BMW M3 Competition — which he had just had for a year — for… another M3. The new car, however, is a BMW M3 xDrive, the world’s first all-wheel-drive M3.



The BMW i3 Sedan has been officially unveiled, with 282 horsepower and a 66-kWh battery.

The BMW i3 is no longer in production. The i3 is alive and well. The oddball hatchback that some despise will be phased out in July, but the brand will live on in the form of an electric vehicle based on the BMW 3 Series. The hatchback was never marketed in China, where the zero-emissions i3 sedan will be built solely for the Chinese market.

The BMW 1-Series is well into the hot hatch game thanks to the Manhart MH1 350.

For the third-generation 1-Series (F40), BMW chose not to provide a full-fledged M model, leaving the 128ti and M135i xDrive as the only sporting options.

The ALPINA B4 Gran Coupe has more power and torque than the B3.

ALPINA has launched the first-ever B4 Gran Coupe after a brief teaser campaign. It joins the B3 Sedan and B3 Touring in the Buchloe lineup, and it packs a punch. Indeed, the inline-six engine in the future BMW Group member has produced 495 horsepower.

Spain’s Abandoned BMW Dealership is Filled with Forgotten Automobiles

It always makes me sad to see old cars abandoned. Something about the prospect of beautiful cars being left to decay, corrode, and fade away for decades makes me uneasy. Hundreds of automobiles have been left to rust away at an abandoned BMW dealership in Spain, giving me horrible sentiments.

2023 BMW M4 CSL to be Officially Revealed in May

The BMW M3 Touring and the BMW M4 CSL are the two future BMW models that most BMW fans are most enthused about. The latter, like Porsche’s 911 GT3, will be a hardcore, stripped-down version of the ordinary BMW M4.

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