Next-Generation BMW 5-Series Touring Spied

BMW 5-Series Touring

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Spy Photos

Next-Generation BMW 5-Series Touring Spied in Spy Photos

The next BMW 5 Series Touring has started its winter road testing in Germany, providing a first glimpse at Munich’s wildly popular estate sedan. Our undercover cameras saw the new electric i5 Touring in testing, making it the sixth iteration since the full-size estate was introduced in 1991.

Spy footage of the performance SUV BMW X6 M facelift in action at the Nürburgring

Given that the new XM just dethroned the X6 M as the best of the best among BMW performance SUVs, it is no longer the case. The combustion engine from the first dedicated M model in decades will be used in the 2023 facelift.


Drag Races

AMG GT 63 S by Brabus and BMW M5 Competitors Drag Race

It goes without saying that the BMW M5 and the oddly titled Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe are two of the most thrilling performance sedans money can buy. This is especially true when discussing the Munich Competition model and the 63 S.



Testing of the BMW i4 M50 range on the Autobahn

Another of Bjorn Nyland’s famed range tests has been performed, however this time, the BMW i4 M50 was used as the subject and put to the test on the autobahn. As BMW’s response to the Tesla Model 3, the BMW i4 entered the market earlier this year.

The BMW M3 E90 runs on the dyno to see how much power the V8 can still produce.

The first step for many owners of high-performance automobiles who want to alter their vehicles is to run them on a dyno. Before putting modifications into place to increase the output, it is necessary to establish the engine’s baseline.

How Much Fun Can the BMW M135i xDrive Have On the Nürburgring?

On the Nürburgring, is the BMW M135i xDrive Actually Fun? The enthusiast fan base was understandably outraged when BMW opted to move from the rear-wheel drive 1 Series hatchback to a front-wheel drive hatchback. And with good reason.

Take a POV Drive on the Autobahn in the BMW M4 CSL.

Performance-wise, the new BMW M4 CSL is a beast. There is no doubting the monstrously rapid speed of BMW’s newest performance vehicle after reading reports and watching videos of it. However, because it only has rear-wheel drive and is so aggressive, it may occasionally be a little frightening.

Review of the 2022 BMW i4 M50 Gran Coupe: An Electric Rocket Ship

The 2022 BMW i4 Gran Coupe provides both performance and efficiency, which are two adjectives that aren’t frequently used to describe automobiles. If you outfit this small electric car properly, it has outstanding all-electric range, speed, and power.

BMW M3 CSL Maxes Out During Top Speed Test On The Autobahn

Top vehicles that are presently on sale or have recently been retired are frequently used in speed runs on the Autobahn. The M3 CSL is neither of them since just 1,383 of them were ever produced, and the final one left the factory 19 years ago.

Can You Recover This Crashed F90 BMW M5 Competition?

Can You Recover This Crashed F90 BMW M5 Competition? Mat Armstrong, a YouTuber, must be a glutton for suffering. He frequently purchases high-end sports vehicles that are severely damaged and frequently completely ruined, and attempts to restore them. Although it appears laborious, viewers will find it to be enjoyable.

Does the E28 5 Series Show That Classic BMWs Are Missing?

It’s hardly news that BMW no longer produces automobiles the way it once did. The absence of steering feel, the strange looks, and the extreme slant toward luxury and technology rather than sportiness have all been complaints from BMW aficionados.



In an odd teaser campaign for a product called Dee, BMW is “hacked”

Describe Dee. People who follow BMW on social media are asking that query since it appears that Dee has taken control of the company’s online presence.

Why BMW Remains Committed to Hydrogen

In a not-too-distant future when personal transportation entails no tailpipe emissions, options are what Thomas Hofmann, a project manager for BMW’s hydrogen fuel cell program, would want to see. According to Hofmann, batteries will power the majority of future automobiles.

BMW begins producing the most distinctive X5 ever.

BMW will create an FCEV version of its well-known X5 SUV because it still sees a place for hydrogen fuel cell technology in the automotive sector. BMW’s Munich Research and Innovation Center (FIZ) in Germany has now officially started producing the iX5 Hydrogen after beginning first production of the hydrogen powertrain earlier this year.

The 2022 Essen Motor Show will see the world premiere of the BMW i4 M50 police car.

Through the preparation of a customized version of BMW’s electric gran tourer, AC Schnitzer is supporting the effort for the eighth time. A police car signaling system from Hella and a Foliatec wrap give the tricked-out i4 on exhibit at the 2022 Essen Motor Show the appearance of a real vehicle used by the German government.

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