The formal end of BMW i3 production

BMW i3

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Spy Photos

The BMW 3.0 CSL rendered from spy photos is probably not too far off.

The 3.0 CSL, BMW’s worst-kept secret, was finally made public at the end of last month when M CEO Frank van Meel posted pictures of the extreme coupe to Instagram. Shortly after, the contemporary homage to the elegant E9 appeared in spy pictures wearing the same vibrant livery showing a range of M models, both old and new.

Close-up images of the 2024 BMW 5 Series G60 with less camouflage

Since the 3 Series G20 LCI and 7 Series G70 are already available, we are gradually focusing on the in-betweener, the 5 Series. The next sedan, code-named G60, will debut in 2023 alongside an electric i5 equivalent.



Drag Races



Horsepower Isn’t Everything: BMW M240i xDrive vs. Infiniti Q60 Red Sport Drag Race

Horsepower doesnโ€™t always win the race, and this latest showdown between the BMW M240i xDrive and the more potent Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 reflects that.




BMW M3 G80 Manual Reached 315 KM/H After Top Speed Limiter Was Removed

Rowing your own gears in a BMW M3 G80 Sedan may not often be considered a “ace of bases,” but there is something amazing about it. We’d buy the stick shift in a heartbeat despite the fact that it is objectively slower and less powerful than any other M3 currently for sale. Even the “entry-level” M3 is a complete missile, as seen by this three-pedal sports sedan painted in the posh Individual Zanzibar II metallic shade.

BMW 7 Series Travels 1,026 Miles On A Single Tank 

Diesel is still alive. The diesel engine’s days are very certainly numbered. Since Volkswagen’s Dieselgate scandal broke and revealed that emissions testing had been rigged, numerous automakers have opted to scale back or eliminate their diesel lines.

VIDEO: Joe Achilles Begins His BMW M2 Competition Build

With good cause, YouTuber Joe Achilles has been sharing a lot of content on his brand-new M3 Competition xDrive. It’s interesting since it’s not just his newest vehicle but also the first-ever all-wheel drive M3. Additionally, it’s an excellent opportunity to refute the purists who doubt xDrive in an M3.

James May mocks DriveTribe’s E61 BMW M5 Touring in this video.

DriveTribe has recently been working hard to get their E61 BMW M5 Touring in great condition. Since purchasing it, they have given it a ton of maintenance, including new rod bearings, transmission fluid, an Eventuri intake, and even a thorough detail with PPF (paint protection film).

Is a BMW X3 M’s 750 horsepower too much? 

You can take a POV trip in the 750 horsepower BMW X3 M in this brand-new AutoTopNL video, and it’s every bit as insane as it sounds. With all that force, it accelerates quickly and reaches triple-digit speeds on the Autobahn like a supercar.

New Video of the ALPINA B3 Touring Explodes the Autobahn

This ALPINA B3 generation will rank among the most sought-after B3 generations since it is essentially the ideal contemporary 3 Series. It also receives an engine from an M3 that has been tuned while maintaining the superb appearance of the G20 3 Series and omitting the M3’s enormous grilles.





Euro NCAP’s crash test only awards the BMW i4 a four-star rating.

Many of us were shocked when the BMW 2 Series Coupe only scored four stars in the Euro NCAP crash test back in March. It seems familiar because the i4 failed to receive the full five-star rating in the most recent round of assessments made by the European New Car Assessment Programme. The completely electric gran coupe, represented here in white and black, was crash-tested in both all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive configurations.

The formal end of BMW i3 production.

After nine years of production, BMW has declared that the BMW i3 is no longer being made, putting an end to the inventive and long-lasting little electric car. Just a few weeks after the model reached a manufacturing run of more than a quarter of a million, the final BMW i3 came off the assembly line in Leipzig, Germany. Ten units of the BMW i3 HomeRun Edition, an ultra-exclusive special edition model with the company’s “Frozen paint finish,” have been ordered to commemorate the event.

There are a V12 Z3 and an E34 M5 Convertible within BMW’s hidden toy chest.

Watch as BMW parades some oddballs to commemorate the 50th anniversary of M automobiles.

The BMW Group adds Android Automotive OS into its expanded BMW Operating System 8.

Beginning in March 2023, the BMW Group will upgrade its BMW Operating System 8 and introduce the Android Automotive OS (AAOS) into a select number of model series as a complementary technical approach to the present Linux-based model.

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