BMW i5 Touring Demonstrates Electric Wagon Body Style

BMW i5 Touring

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Spy Photos

BMW i5 Touring Demonstrates Electric Wagon Body Style

BMW is set to release an all-electric i5 Touring, similar to the 5 Series Touring but with no exhaust pipes and electric test vehicle badges. It will come with 335 and 610 horsepower versions and will likely feature slim headlights, black plastic grilles and flush-style door handles.

In A New Rendering, The 2025 BMW M5 Touring Displays Wide Hips

BMW has been selling the 5 Series Touring for 30 years, but the new G99 M5 Touring model promises to be the first one with broader availability. It is expected to feature a plug-in hybrid V8 engine and a design based on the G60 and G61 5 Series Sedans. It is expected to have a weight of over 2,000 kg and a power output of 700-horsepower.


Drag Races

ALPINA B10 V8 S Drag Racing With A BMW M5 E39 Is A Throwback

Carwow organized a drag race between three E39 BMW sedans: the M5, B10 V8 S, and B10 V8. The B10 V8 S was the first to complete the quarter mile, followed by the M5 and B10 V8. The M5 eventually won the brake test, but lost the other races.

BMW M240i Dyno Test Compares It To Audi RS3, AMG A45, VW Golf R

Carwow tested four performance cars with automatic transmissions and all-wheel drive – BMW M240i, AMG A45 S, VW Golf R, and Audi RS3 – and found that the BMW had the largest engine and produced the most power, while the AMG A45 S had the least power. The BMW was heavier than the specified weight, and the RWD variant is lighter than the AWD variant.

Volkswagen Virtus GT vs BMW 5 Series 520D in a drag race 

A drag race between Volkswagen Virtus GT and BMW 5 Series 520d was conducted on an unused stretch of road. The Virtus GT used a 1.5-litre TSI EVO engine, while the 5 Series used a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine. Despite the Virtus GT’s lower power and price, the BMW 5 Series won the race due to its raw power and slick shifting transmission.



BMW M4 CSL Competes in the 2023 Lightning Lap of Car and Driver

Car and Driver tested the BMW M4 CSL at the Virginia International Raceway for its Lightning Lap test. It was pitted against cars like the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS, Lamborghini Huracán Technica, and Mercedes-AMG SL63 but performed impressively, despite having a numb steering and adjustable seat. It was able to put down an impressive lap time, but whether it was special enough to make it stand out from the competition is yet to be seen.

BMW M3 Touring Reach its Top Speed on the Autobahn

Surprisingly quickly for a five-door, all-wheel drive wagon, the M3 Touring achieves 100 km/h (62 mph) in the video in 3.47 seconds. Furthermore, despite the touring version being a little heavier, it accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in less time than BMW’s M3 Competition sedan, which claims a 3.8-second pace. Along with being able to transport a complete family and their belongings, it also has a quarter-mile time of 11.42 seconds, which is just somewhat slower than the M5 CS, the quickest BMW ever produced.


Finally, an M3 estate. An M3 with a large boot is the new BMW M3 Touring. The ordinary M3’s 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine is included, but you also get a 500-liter boot to fit all your gear. This could be the ideal practical performance solution. To learn more,

The E30 3 Series Touring is examined by Doug DeMuro in this video.

The E30 3 Series Touring seen in this particular video is really a 1994 model, the final year it was produced. It was brought into the country from Germany and has a totally unusual specification for North American beaches. It’s a wagon and a BMW 316i, neither of which were offered for sale in the United States (the 318i was the entry-level model). 

BMW M8 Competition – long term review

The M8 Competition is viewed by cynics as an M5 Competition housed in an 8 Series body. For realists, it’s a strong and trustworthy alternative to an Aston Martin DB11. It’s “very, very lovely,” “meaty,” and “sick,” to the three different delivery men who catcalled the car last evening as I was driving home.



The new BMW X5 and the new BMW X6.

With the upgrade, the BMW X5 will have all it needs to continue to dominate its market sector globally, while the BMW X6 will be able to keep its top spot ahead of rivals from other high-end German manufacturers.

BMW to invest 800 million in Mexico

By 2030, the automaker hopes to have sold more than half of its all-electric vehicles. Production will start in 2027 once construction starts the following year. The news comes after the carmaker has made a number of significant expansions, including a $1.7 billion investment in the United States. Its operations in Mexico will gain about 1,000 additional employees as a result of the transfer.

BMW M3 Touring receives an aero body kit and 610-bhp tune from AC Schnitzer.

The BMW M3 continues to be revered by both enthusiasts and tuners. The carmaker ultimately produced an estate variation for the first time after years of fan clamor, and aftermarket specialists were eager to tweak it. The most recent to redesign the M3 Touring and saloon is AC Schnitzer.

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