️🕵️Could this be an Electric BMW 2 Series Test Mule?

BMW 2 Series

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Spy Photos

SPIED: Could this be an Electric BMW 2 Series Test Mule?

What makes the specific BMW 2 Series in these spy photos so confusing. In these photos, we can see what is clearly a BMW 2 Series, but one that’s a bit different from a standard car. Could this possibly be some sort of electric 2 Series test mule and BMW just snatched an old M2 body to test it, being that the M2 is no longer in production for Europe?


Drag Races

Video: BMW M2 CS takes on A45 S AMG

The BMW M2 CS has been the darling of car enthusiasts around the world ever since it was released. It’s a brilliant car, no doubt about it, and it could be the last of its kind, with the advancement of electric and hybrid cars that we’re witnessing today.

Video: BMW X6 M Drag races Stage 3 Audi RS6

In the video, we’re checking out a drag race, so the lower center of gravity won’t be such a decisive factor. This is also a bit of an unfair fight, as the BMW X6 M is bone stock, while the Audi RS6 on its right has been heavily tuned.

Video: Can the BMW X6 M keep up with a Lamborghini Urus?

When Lamborghini unveiled the Urus, the Italian company made a lot of claims, such as the ‘world’s fastest SUV’. And the Urus does deliver on most fronts. However, other carmakers are not sitting by idly and one of them is BMW, with its X6 M model. Both cars have an SUV-Coupe shape and outrageous amounts of power, and we’re here to check out which is faster on the drag strip, courtesy of Car Wow.



Video: BMW X6 M Competition Gets Reviewed 

A ‘coupe SUV’? What kind of madness is that? Well, BMW stuck to its guns and not only did they continue to make the X6, they also doubled down by launching an X6 M model back in the day. Now, we’re looking at the third generation of the monstrous M car and it looks like it’s better than ever, especially if we’re talking X6 M Competition. It looks like we weren’t the only ones, the guys from The Straight Pipes being the most recent members of that list.

Video: 2021 BMW M4 Competition reviewed by Autocar

The new BMW M4 Competition is getting an official roll-out around the world this month, and reviews have been pouring in. This time, we’re checking out how the new M4 Competition handles itself in everyday driving, where it will be used probably more than 90 percent of the time. The new M4 Competition comes with a controversial design, but for now, let’s leave that aside and focus on the essentials.

VIDEO: BMW M4 Competition vs BMW M440i xDrive

In this new video, Achilles gets a BMW M4 Competition together with a M440i xDrive to see just how much faster the new M4 is on a small handling circuit and then in a straight line. The BMW M440i xDrive went out on the handling circuit first and was decently impressive, but both its tires and brakes faded too quickly to set down a good lap time.

FIRST DRIVE: 2021 BMW M440i xDrive Convertible 

The history of BMW Convertibles dates back to the early days of BMW. In 1936, the BMW 326 was the very first model with a retractable roof from the Munich-based automaker. BMW customers are looking for more than just a bit of fresh air or sunshine, and rather to express themselves with their new cars. The all-new BMW 4 Series Convertible could certainly be such a car.

VIDEO: Harry Metcalfe Tests BMW M2 CS

Having founded one of the best car magazines in the world, Evo magazine, it’s safe to say he’s seen and driven his fair share of cars over the years. In his latest video, he dissects the BMW M2 CS. The baby M car has been the darling of motoring journalists around the world ever since it came out. Last year, Evo magazine actually crowned it Car of the Year, and the praises for it have been simply pouring.



AC Schnitzer gives 400 horsepower to the BMW 540i Facelift

Tuning specialist AC Schnitzer has made it, it’s business to push this boundary even further when it comes to stock BMW cars, and today, it presents a complete program for the 5 Series Facelift. AC Schnitzer takes the power output from 333 HP to a whopping 400 HP. The top M550i model went through a similar tuning process, now delivering 620 HP from 530 HP. Performance upgrades for the diesel engines are currently still under development.

The BMW M3 and M4’s Drift Analyzer Is The Coolest Useless Feature We’ve Ever Seen

How many drivers are going to actually use it? The M3 and M4 twins bear a lot of significance for BMW, so the new-generations sports cars got the utmost attention from Munich’s engineers. You can also say they got a little too much of that from BMW’s designers, but enough with the banter.

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