️Mysterious BMW M5 Spied With A Wider Rear Track


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Spy Photos

Mysterious BMW M5 Spied With A Wider Rear Track

Spy photographers have snapped a mysterious BMW M5 Competition undergoing testing in Europe. While the model doesn’t look terribly special at first glance, it’s equipped with rear fender flares. One possibility is this is simply a special edition that could be introduced next year to celebrate BMW M’s 50th anniversary.

2022 BMW M2 Realistically Rendered

Spy photos have given us a good idea of what the next-gen BMW 2 Series and subsequent BMW M2 will look like. With the visual information gleaned from those spy photos, Carwow managed to render up what looks like a very accurate image of what the next-gen 2022 BMW M2 will look like.

SPIED: BMW 8 Series Convertible LCI Spotted With Minimal Changes

These new spy photos show off the 8 Series Convertible LCI, and it’s hardly been updated, versus the current pre-LCI car. In the photos, the 8 Series Convertible LCI sports some camo at the front end, but it really doesn’t need it, as the changes or so minimal, if they exist at all, that it looks exactly the same.


Drag Races

Lamborghini Urus Drag Races “Old” BMW X6 M

The battle we have here comes from last year’s edition of Unlimited 500+. With the hostilities taking place at the RDRC Racepark, the two engaged in a standing start battle, with their quarter- and half-mile numbers being included in the piece of footage below, so you can get a complete take on the velocity matter.



VIDEO: F82 BMW M4 vs G82 BMW M4 | Drag Race, Drifting, Track Battle

In this new video, BMW Blog went to the BMW M Performance Center in South Carolina to test the all-new BMW M4 G82 with a six-speed manual. Part of this review, we can see behind the wheel of the F82 M4 to see how it compares to the new G82 M4. Furthermore, both cars are drifted on the track and on the wet skidpad, before jumping into a drag race and more track action with the two M4 models.

Here’s A Glimpse Of What’s New In The Facelifted BMW X3

It looks like the BMW X3 SUV is set to get a midlife refresh soon. Leaked images of the updated SUV have surfaced on BMW’s Spanish website and from the looks of it, the changes may be limited to the cosmetic front. Up front, the headlights look more angular with sharper LED DRLs. As for the well-known kidney grille, it is difficult to tell from this angle but it looks slightly larger than before.

VIDEO: Joe Achilles Gives Update on the BMW 420i

Achilles was given a long-term BMW 420i loaner, and he’s spent a couple of months in it so far. So in this new video, he gives an update on what it’s been like to live with the BMW 420i, especially with the added context of having driven so many other great cars alongside it.

Video: Check Out This BMW 850i Starting Up After 10 Years In Storage

According to the video, this 30-year-old BMW 850i has been sitting for the past 10 years and, since it was left in a garden, time hasn’t been kind on it. Not all cars are lucky though and therefore, the state this car is in at the beginning of the video is something else.

ALPINA B3 Touring Reviewed by EVO

In a recent review from EVO Magazine, we get to take a look at the B3 Touring, ALPINA’s version of the M3. While typically ALPINAs aren’t M Division rivals, being more comfortable and more luxurious, the ALINA B3 Touring is closer to any M car in history because it’s the first ALPINA to ever use an M Division engine.

VIDEO: Test Drive Supercharged E92 BMW M3 With 650 HP

In this new video from AutoTopNL, we get to see a G-Power-tuned E92 M3 with a whopping 650 horsepower and a very orange interior. The E92 M3 in question sports a supercharger, among other things, to make its monstrous power.

VIDEO: BMW M4 Competition Versus A Train

Car Throttle is channeling their inner Top Gear in their latest episode by racing a car against public transportation. Car Throttle’s budget isn’t as large as the BBC’s was, so instead they’re racing from London to Berwick-upon-Tweed, with Alex in a BMW M4 Competition and Ethan and Jack taking public transportation.

Video: BMW X7 Takes On Mercedes-Benz GLS In Comparison Review

The BMW X7 is definitely a good choice if you’re looking to buy a big SUV with plenty of room for up to 7 people. That’s especially true if you’re looking for luxury as well in the process. At the same time, the Mercedes-Benz GLS is also a very good choice if you’re looking for the exact same thing: luxury and room. Which one is better?



BMW Earnings Bounce Back Faster Than Expected In Q1 Thanks To China

BMW announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2021 and things went better than anyone expected for the Bavarian brand. According to BMW, its group earnings before tax surged 370 percent to 3.76 billion euros, thanks to growing sales in all key markets and across the model range.

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