️ New BMW X3 races around the Nürburgring.


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Spy Photos

In these spy pictures, a new BMW X3 races around the Nurburgring.


There isn’t a day that goes by that BMW isn’t working on something new. The following-generation X3 is one of several new automobiles being developed by the Bavarian business at the moment.

2024 BMW X2 Debuts in Spy Photos, Current Model Canceled


It is reasonable to argue that development never ends at BMW given the company’s extensive portfolio, which keeps expanding every year. The X2 is about to undergo a generational upgrade, as seen by spy photos.



In the Euro NCAP crash test, the BMW X1 and 2 Series Active Tourer receive five stars.


It didn’t go well when earlier BMWs were examined by Euro NCAP. Many people would argue that a model from a premium brand shouldn’t obtain a four-star rating, yet the i4 and 2 Series Coupe did. Thankfully, the most recent crash testing conducted on the new 2 Series Active Tourer and X1 allowed the German business to receive all five ratings.

The 2023 BMW M4 CSL Dyno Pull Displays Greater Power Than Anticipated

The new BMW M4 CSL has many reasons to be loved, but this dyno video could add a few more. According to a new rolling road test by BMW M Collector M-Power on YouTube, there may be 53 other explanations. BMW certifies the 3.0 liter twin-turbo engine in the M4 CSL.

What Adventure Can a Dirt Cheap E60 5 Series Take It?

In this new film, Kersten and colleagues drive the two automobiles to compare their performance. The E60 had no serious problems when it first started and didn’t need any maintenance. While the Range Rover had a number of faults, including a faulty turbo hose, it also frequently entered limp mode and had some suspension problems. While some issues were fixed, others weren’t. So, the Range Rover’s situation didn’t start out well.

The Sound of the BMW M4 CSL Black Sapphire is Quite Aggressive.

The disturbing M4 CSL and its harsh music are highlighted in this film, which is set in a subterranean parking lot. Given that this car was constructed to European specifications and must comply with all the laws, which typically make sports cars sound quite bland, the exhaust, which has electronically regulated flaps, sounds surprisingly menacing.

Review of the 2023 BMW iX: Inside beauty


The brand’s most recent wave of electrified vehicles is being led by the 2023 BMW iX SUV. With its contentious external design, it makes a statement wherever it goes, but if you get beyond that, you’ll find a superbly designed luxury SUV that’s cozy to travel in and surprisingly exciting when driven hard.

The BMW M2 Competition Build by Joe Achilles is Complete

The BMW M2 Competition owned by YouTuber Joe Achilles has been transformed into a much fiercer, more formidable track weapon over the course of time (or not so slowly, anyway). Naturally, he has also been recording every step of his construction. The finished result and his third and final stage are seen in his most recent video.

Walkaround Video Features BMW 7 Series E32 Goldfish With V16 Engine

The BMW 7 Series E32 will be remembered in history as the country’s first V12-powered passenger vehicle to be introduced following World War II. With the powerful 5.0-liter M70 engine producing a robust 296 horsepower in the top-of-the-line 750i, it first went on sale in 1986.

BMW M240i vs BMW 328i Sport (2021 vs 1999)


These two extremely different cars—which were built decades apart—share more than just a logo. The M240i’s sharp, narrowed eyes and the (slightly rusted) 328i Sport’s somewhat worn-out, hazy headlights are separated by little over 20 years. Additionally, both vehicles are positioned one step behind their respective range-toppers: the 328i Sport follows the slightly maligned E36-generation M3 in second place, while the M240i will naturally bow to the upcoming M2 Competition.

BMW i4 Review for 2022 Pleasantly commonplace and quickly.


In essence, the BMW i4 is a 4 Series Gran Coupe that runs entirely on electricity. It’s undoubtedly the most conventional electric vehicle BMW has yet to offer, as neither the outgoing i3 nor the upcoming iX are really what one would call “the standard.” If you don’t notice the i4’s closed-off schnoz or the lack of exhaust pipes gurgling away at the back, you may mistake it for a gas-powered BMW.



A whole new BMW M2.


The new BMW M2 offers classic M performance in an intensely focused form. Rear-wheel drive, a six-speed manual transmission that is optional, a 338 kW/460 hp six-cylinder in-line engine, and the second version of this tiny high-performance sports vehicle all promise pure driving enjoyment. The launch of the new BMW M2 is another major milestone in the model offensive honoring BMW M GmbH’s 50th anniversary, making the decision to explore its line of high-performance vehicles even more alluring.

Detailed Tour Of The 2023 M2 With Manual Transmission By BMW M Boss

If not the head of the M division himself, who else is most suited to discuss the new BMW M2? The mayor of M Town, Franciscus van Meel, gives us a thorough tour of a G87 finished in M Toronto Red metallic paint.

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