First sightings of the BMW iX2


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Spy Photos

First sightings of the BMW iX2 electric coupe crossover have been made.

Recently, spy photos of the next BMW X2 made their appearance. Now, the electric sibling of that car is joining it. We anticipate this electric version of the X2 will be referred to as the iX2, given that BMW names the recently unveiled electric version of the X1 an iX1.

Before its 2023 debut, the 2024 BMW i5 has been spotted in the wild.

The new i7 from BMW is now receiving a lot of attention. The media is starting to understand exactly how outstanding BMW’s electric vehicle is as evaluations start to filter in.

Days before its release, a Limited Edition BMW 3.0 CSL was seen in Germany.

Final testing is underway for BMW’s priciest vehicle to date. The BMW 3.0 CSL is reportedly scheduled to be on sale this month, but sadly, there will only be 50 owners worldwide. 


Drag Races

Bentley Continental GT Is Challenged By BMW M8 In A Heavyweight Drag Race

A stylish grand tourer, the Bentley Continental GT is designed to transport its driver and passenger in the highest comfort and luxury. More significantly, the British coupe is quick at doing it as well.



First drive of the BMW 225e Active Tourer 2022

This pragmatic, predominately front-driven hatchback/sort of MPV—not a conventional BMW in the sense of the “ultimate driving machine”—has sold well and is incredibly useful. It’s a roomy, tall family car with ample space and a large boot that is almost 4.4m long and 1.6m high.

Are the new BMW M4 CSL’s badge-worthy?

The M Division of BMW is doing well. The M2 CS and M5 CS both received rave reviews for their brilliance. In recognition of M’s 50th birthday and following a nearly 20-year hiatus, BMW has now brought back its most recognizable mark of all: CSL.

Doug DeMuro Takes You Deep Into The 2023 BMW i7

Without a doubt, the BMW i7 is the most technologically sophisticated vehicle the company has ever produced. Thanks to BMW’s most recent generation of electric motor, the car’s engine is extremely advanced, and the inside technology is almost preposterous.

The most advanced vehicle Mat Watson has ever tested is the BMW 7 Series.

The goal of BMW’s 7 Series has never truly been to be the most opulent or technologically advanced vehicle in its class. Although it was always opulent and had amazing technology, it always placed a higher priority on handling than its more luxury-focused rivals.

In a track test at Hockenheim, the Porsche 911 GT3 defeats the BMW M4 CSL.

This week’s earlier drag race between the BMW M4 CSL and Porsche 911 GT3 Touring has been followed by a second meeting for a different comparison. This time, Zuffenhausen’s track weapon went up against the Competition Sport Lightweight, which is not a touring model.

Is the $140,000 BMW M4 CSL Worth It?

Is the $140,000 BMW M4 CSL Worth It? The BMW M4 CSL is an amazing vehicle on paper. It is lighter, faster, and more track competent than the normal M4 Competition. It also has greater power.



10 Features of the 2023 BMW i7 That We Adore

BMW made it apparent that they will launch a new all-electric vehicle when they said they would update the 7 Series. In order to compete directly with vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz EQS and even the Tesla Model S, the German carmaker launched the BMW i7 in 2023.

Manhart Announces First BMW M3 Touring Tuning Project

BMW’s long-awaited super wagon’s paint hasn’t even fully dried before Manhart announces an aftermarket program. If the regular S58 engine isn’t powerful enough for the G81, the MH3 650 kit will be offered.

A powerful 625-HP M5 V10 engine is packed inside a tuned BMW E30 M3.

The E30 BMW M3 is a legendary automobile. It successfully combined power and handling to create the ideal driver’s vehicle, solidifying itself as the sports car of an age.

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