Spy Footage of the Hot Hatch Testing Around the Arctic Circle in the BMW M135i

BMW M135i

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Spy Photos

Spy Footage of the Hot Hatch Testing Around the Arctic Circle in the BMW M135i

BMW is testing the updated 1 Series and M135i hot hatch near the Arctic Circle, which will have a quad exhaust system. The exterior design will have subtle changes, and the interior will switch to the iDrive 9 system. The B48 engine powering the M135i will be updated to deliver 315 horsepower. There will not be a true M version of the 1 Series, since it is based on a front-wheel-drive platform.


Drag Races

BMW X3 M Wins a Drag Race Over the McLaren 720S, Then Crashes


A McLaren 720S owner loses a drag race to a BMW X3 M, then crashes into a hay bale at the end of the track. The driver had poor conditions, wet surface and uneven road, but the words “WORK HARDER” on the underside of the wing seem to suggest they should have tried harder.

All of its rivals are challenged by a tuned BMW M240i in a Carwow drag race.

In this drag race, the BMW M240i punches above its weight class and wins against its tuned German rivals, the Mercedes-AMG A45S, Audi RS3, and Volkswagen Golf R, despite being the least powerful of the bunch. Even with a professional driver at the wheel, the BMW M240i is so competent from the factory that it almost never loses against its natural competition.

Clash of the tuned sedans: BMW 340i drag races, AMG E63 and Audi RS3.


Three cars from different segments – the Audi RS3, BMW 3 Series, and Mercedes-AMG E63 – competed in drag and rolling races. The BMW 340i won the drag races, while the AMG E63 won the rolling races. The Audi RS3 had the most consistent performance. The AMG E63 was the most powerful, but had issues with launch control.



BMW 7 Series vs S-Class vs Audi S8

Three luxury sedans – the BMW 760i, Mercedes S850, and Audi S8 – compete against each other in a comparison test. The BMW and Mercedes are focused on comfort, while the Audi is more performance-oriented. Each car has different qualities, and which one is the best is revealed in the video.

2023 BMW X5 review

The BMW X5 is a popular large luxury SUV that debuted in 1999 and was recently updated in 2023 with more power and screens. It is the base model in the range, costing $126,900 before on-roads, and has a 3.0-litre turbo-diesel engine and 8-speed ZF automatic transmission. It is spacious inside, with excellent headroom, four USB ports, and a split tailgate for easy loading.

Which is Better—the BMW M340i or BMW M340d?


Anyone can see which is superior, the BMW M340i or the M340d, in this brand-new film by Joe Achilles. Given that they share a chassis, a suspension, an interior, a set of available drivers, and technology, it is clear that these vehicles are quite similar. So, the main distinction between them is found in the engine, and even that is rather identical.

TEST DRIVE: 2023 BMW X1 xDrive28i


BMW used the same strategy with the third-generation X1 as previously. It still has a 2.0-liter B48 engine, a front-wheel drive architecture based on FAAR from BMW, and an automatic transmission. FAAR, the engine, and the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox of the previous X1 have all been upgraded since the car’s prior generation.



A New BMW M3 Touring Has Already Been Damaged

It was just a matter of time before a severe accident involving a BMW M3 Touring, the car that devotees had been waiting decades for. Deliveries began a few months ago. The moment has arrived.

BMW’s X5 Walk-round Video from 2024 Highlights the M60i

The freshly redesigned X5 in the M Performance trim is the subject of a new video that was shot in front of the BMW UK corporate office. The midsize luxury SUV, the Life Cycle Impulse, now bears the M60i badge to follow the bigger X7’s example from the previous year.

BMW teaches you how to run-in your M car’s brakes and tires.

A follow-up video demonstrates how to break in the brakes and tires of a M vehicle, which was just a few days after BMW published an instructive film about breaking in the engine. M3 Touring finished in Individual Ice Black is once again the highlighted vehicle.

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